This is up to you! Like a choose your own adventure novel!

Here are some options to get you moving on some next steps. 

Want a break down of each step? Check the side bar where there's a post dedicated to each step as well as some free downloads to help you out.

Need more? Check out my membership that's only 47 bucks a month and it comes we step by step videos, worksheets, monthly Q&A's as well as a community where all questions are answered! 

If you would prefer business specific help, never hesitate and reach out to me personally at the door is always open :) 

Whats Next?!

Always be growing, learning and connecting with others in your space, it is incredibly hard to run an online business… so don’t do it alone!

Grow by understanding that this is going to be a tough ride, it will test you and certainly make you uncomfortable. 

Always be open-minded and take in as much information as possible even when you're the expert there is more to learn.

Lastly, connect with others in this vast online space. You never know who you're going to meet! Also, this entrepreneur journey can get lonely and when you're heavily connect with others on a similar journey, you're able to talk to them, bounce ideas off of and help each other out!

5. Grow, Learn, Connect!!

AMAZING!! You're posting online consistently following a content strategy!!

Now that you have optimized your marketing you need to have a process and a plan to get clients into your pocket, instead of just consuming what you are posting (your content).

What you want to do is hyper focus on money making activities

These are things like...

Driving your followers to your offer,
Having conversations in the DM’s with prospects,
Setting up a freebie funnel to also drive traffic and build and email list,
Showing up on stories and speaking about how you can help, delivering value with a call to action
Providing value every day and always utilizing a Call To Action

This may seem overwhelming but you need to be doing things each and every day that is going to help your bottom line. (Check out my MMA checklist to make these a daily habit)

To go a step further you may want to think about hosting a free masterclass or webinar to build more connection and trust with your audience then inviting these people to work with you.

Remember that people buy through emotion and connection, so creating emotionally trigger content and connecting with others is how you’re going to genuinely sell.

4. Optmize your Sales Process

Now unfortunately clients just don't bang down your door, social media makes us think that they do but its a bold face lie. 

You NEED to get an online presence. Similar to programs and services you want to sell, I want you to think about what you enjoy to do and work off that first. 

Do you like going on video?
Do you like writing? 

Then expand from there. Gone are the times of being able to be on one social media platform and being successful you need to be omnipresent. 

This step is by far the hardest and most frustrating and overwhelming

But learning how to put together a well thought out content strategy and learning how to repurpose that content is invaluable. This allows you to use each platform for what it was meant for and not having to rack your brain for a new content idea every hour

I would personally start with Tiktok or Pinterest and then repurpose from there.

Pro tip: Remember that each platform was made differently and has different possibilities. Use Tiktok and Pinterest for your outreach platforms and Instagram for more community building/ nurturing platform. This will help you create content with ease, repurpose faster and actually GROW your business

3. Get online!

How do you wanna pull in that dough??

What type of services are you looking to offer?
1 to 1 services for a high ticket?
A membership for passive income?
A course maybe? Digital products?

This is also where deep market research is going to help.
What is your target market buying?
What are your competitors selling and for how much?
What do you enjoy creating?

You want to be creating and service or product that is going to be serving your ideal client and increasing pleasure within their life, while also doing what is right for you and the life you want to live. 

Now crunch some numbers, if you’re taking on clients at what price point do you need to be charging each client to hit your first income goal? How many memberships do you need to sell?

(I break it down in this post here)

2. Services

This is something I teach every single one of my clients. You need to have your own truly strong sweet spot so people know who you are, who you help and how you help! This is a secret formula straight out of my program.

Passion + Skills mixed Expertise + A Profitable Niche

What are you really passionate about and could talk about for houurrrrssss?

What transferable skills do you already have that solve other peoples problems?

Who are you looking to serve and how can you serve them?

Are there others out there already optimizing in this field and making the money that you want to make? (ie. go do some marketing + target research)

Click here to find this step in more detail

1. Find Your Truly Strong Trifecta

You have all the skills, talent and passion you need to make money online.

Maybe you have been thinking about it for a while, knowing you can make an impact and change the lives of others?

But when it comes to getting started something is holding you back.. I'm going to assume it's our BFF overwhelm!! 

Where to start?
Pinterest, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube?
Freebies, Email marketing, hosting platforms
Courses, programs, Ebooks, pricing

And I still have a fulltime job!!!!

Well, that's where I come in

Back in 2019 I quit my cushy corporate job working for a little green and white coffee company, went back to waiting tables and started my own online coaching business.

Since then, I created my own 6 figure business and now am helping others live out their dreams so they can be financially, mentally and emotionally free by doing things they love to do

Here are the steps to get your started on your journey!

Have you ever had that feeling like you were made for more?

Maybe, you're sitting down somewhere doing something you don't love, or maybe just day dreaming... and a creeping thought comes in and whispers... "There's more than this."

You could just be scrolling online and see someone doing something you're really interested in and think .. "Well, I know about that...I could do that."

The thought that crept into my mind was; "You didn't go through everything you went through.. to do this."

I was coasting through life, in what people would consider a "good job" (you know benefits and all), in a bland relationship as well as I didn't love myself the way I once did. I felt like I was just doing the same old shit every day.. and with no spark at all for life.

One day that thought came in and after a couple of months of ignoring it, I snapped. 

I quit my cushy corporate job (went back to waiting tables)

Left my boyfriend at the time (of 3 years) 

and hired my first business coach. (that cost over 5K)

Then I let all these wild actions sink in and pretty well 💩'd myself and went in to all out panic mode. 

Who would want to learn from me?
What skills does someone like me have?
No one would pay me

If you're anything like me you may also be telling yourself these things and I'm here to tell you...

My friend they are all a lie and you got the sauce!!!


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