So here's the truth none of the IG gurus aren’t blatantly putting on their pages and now we should openly talk about it…

This is your action step…

Start using growth platforms to grow and community/ nurturing platforms to nurture community.

Here's the skinny on how I would recommend trying to grow your Instagram without only using Instagram

Start using each platform for what it was made for... and then nurture and grow an amazing community on Instagram.

Here's what I mean: utilize growth platforms and funnel people to your Instagram.

Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE.
93% of people have an intention when they go onto Pinterest. There are people out there searching on Pinterest the problem that you solve.

Gone are the days when Pinterest is just a blogger's paradise. You can post anything on Pinterest and drive people anywhere. Plus it is so easy to automate and you already have the content. You don’t need a blog to succeed on Pinterest all you need is content.

Here are some more facts before you fluff me off
430 million active users on Pinterest
50% of U.S pinners frequently shop on Pinterest
2/3 users say they go to Pinterest to find products or services they trust.

And now is an especially great time to jump on the Pinterest train since they also have short form video you can repurpose.

As you can see from this screen shot I took there are tons of different content in just one row. Freebie promotion
Reel + Tiktok repurposing.
Advertisments etc. 
If you can get more eyes on your content. Why wouldn't you?!

Now, before you shut me down on this... hear me out!
Tiktok is still the best social media platform for organic growth and its still new!!! Its only 5 years old that's a BABY!

Yes, you may think it is cringe. Yes, it's going to be awkward when you first start but what isn't. Tiktok isn't a kids app with just dancing. It is way beyond that. Short form video is going nowhere, and neither is Tiktok. Tiktok has helped people grow their business to new heights, having another platform where you can talk to the camera just like you do on Instagram stories, mixed with trends ..just like you do on reels. So, you're really already doing the work.. Just saying!

Here are some Tiktok facts that may tickle your fancy
Over one billion users (IG doesn’t have this amount)
People spend 850 minutes/ month on Tiktok
Nearly 18% engagement rate << PARDON!

Plus almost every trend you see on Instagram Reels has came from Tiktok. So imagine being the one that jumps on a trend the earliest each and every time because you already have the content. 

I decided to write this post because this is the #1 question I get from people online and my coaching clients. Everyone it seems right now is trying to grow on Instagram with little to no luck. Instagram is an amazing platform that can give us great connections and community, and even though we are told not to care about vanity metrics, they aren’t vanity metrics if they are the right people. (stick around and I’m going to show you how to grow really on Instagram)

So this post is way overdue, everyday we see amazing influencers, content creators, coaches and more talking about how easy it is to grow on Instagram. And If I was just cruising on Instagram for fun I wouldn’t mind but I want to grow my business(as I'm sure you do to), so I needed to learn really how everyone was growing on Instagram.

And if you’re anything like me I can bet you’ve done everything! All the tips, all the tricks and hacks. You’ve followed every single step that the gurus, experts and masters of Instagram have told you to.

Posted Reels  (psst.. if you haven't jumped on reels yet, here's my free guide to get you started)
Engaged 30 mins before and 30 mins after
Posted at the right times
Used all the CTA's and Hooks you could
Given all the value
Putting hashtags back into your caption instead of comments

While this is great IG etiquette, you probably haven't seen the Instagram growth you've expected...

I used to wonder what I was doing wrong. Why couldn't I get the fast growth like all these amazing people in my niche were getting.

I was getting frustrated, disappointed and beyond discouraged trying to grow

Using these 2 platforms you can drive traffic to your Instagram account. With Pinterest you can link directly to Instagram and TikTok allows you to link outside platforms as well.

Using cross platform traffic and being in more than one place is going to do nothing but drive people towards your business. 

Well that wraps it up for me. How to start growing your Instagram not just by using Instagram.

If you want me to go in depth further or have any questions, please drop them below..

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1. Get on the Pinterest Train!

2. TikTok is your friend!

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