If you have been following me for a while you know I love categorizing my days and task batching, it is the most productive way to get things done. (Want more productive days.. check this out)

But, here’s my secret… there is an hour time block right at the beginning of my day where I do 4 little things incorporating all social media channels to make sure my business is always on the up and up.

At the beginning these daily non-negotiables are going to take longer than an hour. But once you implement these day in and day out, not only will you get faster and become a pro, but your business will have no where else to go but UP!

Before I start I want you think of your audience as a garden. Gardens take a lot of work but they are beyond worth the reward!

So the first part of taking care of your garden is taking care of the person who tends to it which brings me to my first daily non-negotiable of my consistent growth income strategies…

Every entrepreneur needs to do this. Every. Single. Day.

Even if it is just for 5 minutes this cannot be ignored.

There are many different ways to work on your mindset to help you become a stronger more confident entrepreneur.. here are some of my favourites

Writing affirmations in future tense - “I am so happy and grateful now that I have xyz by (date)
Guided positive meditation
The 5 minute journal
Motivational tracks when I’m finishing my workout

You need to be always looking after yourself first before anything else. Without you, your business cannot succeed so why put less than 100% into your well being? You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Side note:
A lot of the time you will see influencers/ entrepreneurs etc. glamourize over working, burnout, whatever but its not glamourous, burnout is not cool and every entrepreneur who has REALLY burned out has regretted not taking care of themselves.

No one can care for your business like you can... so why neglect your businesses #1 star

Every day, you need to be adding people into your community, whether that be your email list, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook group etc. you need to be consistently be growing even if it is 1 person per day. Imagine what just one person a day could do for your business. Moving that one singular person through your businesses pipeline

Check these ways to grow your audience.
Make a post with a follow for more CTA
Promote your freebie
Make a story about the VIP treatment your give in your fb group
Go Live with someone with a similar audience
Post to community FB groups

Putting a focus on your on growth is extremely important, but I do find this is what some entrepreneurs mainly focus on, and can sometimes leave this next extremely important part on the back burner.

Your current audience is your bread and butter, you may feel like your engagement is low, or no one is watching your stories etc.


I have got inquiry forms from people I had no idea even resonated with my content because they never engaged with it, but they had their eye on my content. They found value, connected with it and reached out. Consistently giving to your audience also positions you as a leader and as someone who they can trust.

You need to be nurturing your current audience because these are the warmest leads in your community

The question I want you to ask yourself is
‘How can I give back to my audience today?’
‘How can I provide overwhelming value that my audience is sure to fall in love with’

Once you've answered these questions try out one of these options to nurture your community

Do an in-depth training on live (don’t forget to sprinkle some promo beforehand)
Send out a juicy VIP email to your list (tell your other audiences what their missing out because they aren't on your list)
Create a IG Story training (poll your audience to see what they want to learn)
Put together a long connection caption to create a deeper connection with your audience
Go live in your FB group giving your members some info your other channels dont get (again, don’t forget to tell your other audiences what is going on in your FB group)

I want you to think of the people you follow. And, reflect on why you follow them. Usually its because they give us something, we learn from them, connect with them and trust them.. That comes from their nurturing AKA watering their garden…

AND last but NOT least… It’s time to harvest HUNNIE!!!!!

I can hear you now…. “But Jordan!!!!!! People who sell everyday are gross! It’s icky. It turns off my audience.”

If you have done the last 3 non-negotiables every single day.. Selling is not going to be icky, its going to be another service to your extremely warm audience. Your offer is HELPING people and without selling, then we are just creating content. Also, selling your offer doesn’t always have to be “Link in bio.”

Selling every day in different ways will keep your business THRIVING. Selling isn’t yucky, selling is telling people you can help them through their struggles with YOUR offer.

Ask yourself, ‘How can I give my audience the details of my service or offer’ ‘How can I let my audience know I cant help them save time, gain clarity and give them confidence through my offer/ service’
For more help drop a (emoji) below - CTA
Talk about a past clients/ current client successes (“I got off a call with one of my clients just now and felt so inspired to tell you this.. They had a goal of xyz just X number of days ago and theyve already accomplished Y! .. Put a link in your story with a catchy overlay)
After one of your training lives or stories have a message me for more CTA and get into a business convo in the DM’s
Follow up with some older leads but send them some voice notes instead of messages
Do a hard sell! Share some Perks about working with you!

I really want you to drop the notion that selling is sleezy! Because its not, its part of your position as a business owner to be open and honest about the offer/ services you serve!

If you’re looking to consistently grow your business please start implementing these daily non-negotiables for at least 90 days and watch your business sky rocket

You started this amazing journey for a reason! I'm telling you doing these 4 things every single day won't let you down, but if you're still struggling to grow check out my crazy affordable program that will help you grow your audience, make more money and feel more confident online! Plus you also get to hang out with me so that's pretty cool too! 

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. When you click these links I may receive a small commission. It won’t cost you anything but it does help me run this site. I only promote products and services that I stand behind. I have worked in the online space for over 5 years, and use my experience to judge whether a product is worthy, so you can be assured that I always have your best interests at heart.

When I was first starting my online business I really bought into the “laptop lifestyle”, just post pictures on Instagram and the money will roollllllllll in.

(Also when I first started my business it was 2017 and the online game was a lot different)

In the early stages of my online business, I launched my first fitness program and sold 5 clients right away! I already thought I was an expert at making money online and would forever crush my financial goals (Hello Honeymoon stage), I pivoted some and social media marketing strategy game completely changed when the pandemic hit. The space became more saturated, short form video was on the rise and my honeymoon stage came to a screeching halt.

Instagram didn’t run the online business game anymore, I needed to look at the market and find habits I could implement in my business every single day to see consistent growth.

1. Mindset work

2. Growing Your Audience 

3. Nurture Your Current Audience


Hey I'm Jordan,
A multipassionate business coach

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